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Cocky Counts

Terra d li Papaga, Psittacorum Regio or Terra Psittacorum, loosely translated as ‘Land of Parrots’ in English, were names placed on some navigational charts since the early...

My Ikigai (生き甲斐) Morning

This morning, like most other Saturday mornings, followed my typical ritual: large glass of tap water, morning medications, brush teeth, shower, collecting an armful of...

Dear Peter … Everything you have done has helped in the battle that we are all trying to wage, to prevent the despoilation of the earth & to help heal the damage we have already done. Your new as yet unpublished book on the Australian rainforest, I’m sure, will be a further help in this battle…

Sir David Attenborough

Natural History Presenter

Help Australia's Wildlife

In addition to supporting Birdlife Australia & World Wildlife Fund Australia, I am now supporting the great work that Conservation Volunteers Australia do to help our wildlife, and the habitats on which it depends, to recover from the recent bushfires, droughts & floods. Buy a book from my store & 100% of the profit will be donated to the organisation you choose.